Moittry (hk) Limited

"Some company purchase some dialer with brand name M Dialer, Ring2home, Call2desh, Moittry, our service is only the code and server listed below, we are not responsible for any others"

Our M Dialer, Moittry, Ring2home and call2desh Code and Servers: (Available)

All Dialer Download List please choose from list:
-Please install all dialer of same server togather with same pin to get uninterrupted service
-For Samsung or Other Android Follow and enable- settings-security-unknown sources
--Platinum (itel) All-
--Platinum (itel) Samsung, Android-
--Platinum (itel) IPhone(mobile,mb,sda,ring-fst)-
--Platinum (itel) IPhone(bd)-
--Platinum (itel) windows,lumia-
--Platinum (utel) All-
--Platinum (utel) Samsung, Android-
--hello byte-New or or
--Cool Dialer-
--24 Dialer Nokia- , Android-
--M Dialer MoSIP-55555 Nokia-, Old-, NonTouch, Touch- --M Dialer MoSIP-55555 Samsung,Android-GooglePlay 

Our Domain: 




Emergency Information:

Notice.1- Some company release different dialer with brand name M Dialer, Above Codes are owned by us, we are not involed with any others

Notice.1- we never advertise our name and phone number, do not believe anybody, Some People cheating as M dialer Director

Notice.3- Please Purchase from local agent to be safe, is offical site